Eco Tips:

Maximum thermal isolation for minimizing energy consumption, dvh galsses.
Central heating is provided by the geo-thermal resource.
Most of the electricity is generated by a micro-turbine.
Water is treated biologically at site.
Water for human consumption is treated with no chemical additions.
The use of thermal waters is regulated so as to preserve natural water conditions.
Educative programs for visitor and community.
Compliance with and audited by National Parks Administration of the Argentine Republic and by the Inter-American Development Bank.

Lahuen Co - Eco Philosophy

We base our work on a high concern and respect for Nature and for each Person. From this standpoint, we offer this ideal place in wilderness to de-tox from urban life and to learn about the marvelous natural process and phenomena. The concept is very simple: an active encounter with nature combined with good rest, in contact with:

Absolutely pure air and water, charged with the energy of the mountain,
waterfalls providing a strong energizing power
and the goodness of the earth, flowing in natural hot springs.